+ 250,000 luminaires installed

Hispaled has supplied more than 250,000 luminaires, both in the domestic market and in different countries: Colombia, Chile, Morocco, Lebanon, United Kingdom, etc.

  • > 600Municipalities in Spain
  • > 60Lightingconcessions
  • > 120.000Tn CO2 not emitted
  • Turkana S / M

    State-of-the-art road luminarie with high performance and latest-generation LED technology

  • Navia S / M

    Functional road luminaire with high versatility and reliability

  • Vera

    New generation of road luminaires with an unbeatable price/performance ratio

  • Senda S / M

    Urban luminaire with a modern design, ideal for ambient lighting.

  • Stylo S / M

    Environmental luminaire of avant-garde design and anti-vandalism

  • Villa S / M / X

    Classic lantern par excellence, ideal for lighting at low heights

  • Fernandino

    Classic lantern for the illumination of unique areas and historic city centres.

  • Retrofit

    Tailor-made solution for retrofitting existing streetlight to LED technology

  • Prism

    High quality LED floodlight for outdoor lighting

  • Navia S / M / XProjector

    Simple and functional LED spotlight for outdoor lighting

  • Lisa

    Recessed luminaire with LED technology, ideal for service stations.

  • Fabrik

    Led bell for industrial lighting

  • TopLighting

    Modular solution for zenithal illumination of sprawling crops

  • InterLighting

    Linear solution for vertically growing crops

  • OutdoorLed Displays

    Advertising and dynamic information in public spaces

  • Indoor Led Displays

    Commercial claim through multimedia content

  • Shop WindowDisplays

    Visual appeal from your business to the outside world

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Insertion Company

Hispaled, Spanish manufacturer and installer of LED technology solutions and industrial company for job placement.

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Quality and Environment

Committed to quality and sustainability

HISPALED has the ISO:9001 Quality Management and ISO:14001 Environmental Managementcertifications required by the market. All the products in the catalogue are EN - IEC certified by Spanish laboratories with ENAC (ILA) accreditation, and since 2015 it is a member of ANFALUM (National Association of Luminaire Manufacturers).

Hispaled is a company with a high environmental impact. Find out how it contributes to reduce the carbon footprint of customers and public administrations.