Hispaled illuminates three important parks in Madrid

During 2020, Hispaled has designed and manufactured the optical blocks and LED luminaires installed in the parks of Fuente del Berro, Quinta de los Molinos and Juan Carlos I in Madrid.

In total, 1,400 units of less than 40W of power that will allow the Madrid City Council to improve public lighting and obtain significant savings both economically and environmentally. The CO2 emissions generated in these three parks, where there were previously luminaires of other older and more polluting technologies, will be significantly reduced.

In addition, the new equipment installed is remotely managed thanks to the RFLight2 radiofrequency system. This system makes it possible to control and regulate all the lighting points as a unit, allowing the power of each luminaire to be modified remotely.

This functionality of HISPALED luminaires also increases the savings in maintenance costs of new installations.  

Hispaled is an insertion company that works with young people in vulnerable situations. They are accompanied to improve their employability in the fields of electricity and electronics.