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With SmartGrow® we put at your disposal the remote control of your lighting installations, allowing you a total optimization and control of the production.

In recent years Hispaled has participated in a process of research, development and testing of LED lighting projects for greenhouse crops. This experience, carried out in collaboration with producers and experts from the world of the University, has led to the launch of a range of products of high technological value, with variable light spectra depending on the crop and/or its phenology: flowering, vegetative phase, germination and emergence, among others.

Intelligent supplementary lighting system based on dynamic spectrum LED technology for horticultural crops under glass.
Our LEDHI system has three functional elements:

It is a network of light sensors with specific spectra to identify the needs of plants at certain wavelengths.
They are responsible for recording the level of radiation for different wavelengths over time and transmitting the data to a central server for analysis.


Central processing system. The heart of the system is a software platform, responsible for analysing the spectrum inputs (sensor data) and generating control outputs to the LED luminaires to complete the measured spectrum and obtain the target spectrum programmed by the user.


Dynamic spectrum LEDs. They are responsible for providing complementary light radiation to the natural light in the greenhouse.
They have an LED engine based on the mixture of different types of LED diodes according to their spectral radiation.

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  • TopLighting

    Modular solution for zenithal illumination of sprawling crops

  • InterLighting

    Linear solution for vertically growing crops

SmartGrow Spectrum

We develop specific color formulation programs for higher performance and production care.

Discover the power of the SmartGrow® Dynamic Spectrum

The key to success SmartGrow: one luminaire, infinite solutions

Our dynamic SPECTRUM SmartGrow® is equipped with technology based on Artificial Intelligence, which learns, modifies and optimizes the processes depending on the response of the crop to the environmental conditions and feeding of the plant.

Spectrum Audit

By means of PAR (Photosynthetically Active Radiation) radiation sensing, we supplement with artificial lighting until we achieve the optimum lighting levels for each crop, called DLI (Daily Light Integral).

The images show 3 different custom-made light spectra, resulting from the study of different crops at different phenological stages.

In the first 2, wavelengths more focused on blues or reds prevail, while the third corresponds to a broader spectrum, which could be the most suitable in certain projects.

In Hispaled we have identified and tested more than 100 different spectra, and as a result we have a wide range of data with which to continue working on the constant improvement of crop production performance.