Committed to sustainability

Hispaled is a carbon footprint saving solution for local administrations through outdoor public lighting. In many small and medium-sized municipalities, public lighting is the main energy expense and in many cases the main source of greenhouse gas emissions.

Hispaled develops value-added services and intelligent management tools, linked to the Smart City concept, such as the RFLight2 system, which further optimizes the energy efficiency of the luminaires.

CO2 reduction 120,000 TN since 2009

Since its inception, Hispaled's solutions have resulted in emission savings of some 120,000 TnCO2.

In addition, Hispaled aims to influence the environmental impact of the product in the following way:

With solutions manufactured in Spain, instead of a product manufactured in Asia as it usually happens in this sector, greatly reducing the carbon footprint of the product itself and introducing the idea of proximity production also in the electronics sector.

With solutions that keep light pollution below 1% (the level required for areas of natural interest and areas of special protection according to RD 1890/2008).

With solutions conceived according to Ecodesign and Circular Economy criteria: elimination of single-use packaging, modular and repairable design, recyclable components, etc.

With lighting solutions for horticulture that allow greater food security, maintenance of rural employment, lower consumption of other resources such as water, pesticides and fertilizers, etc..