Hispaled's New 2024 Public Lighting Solutions Catalog

Hispaled's 2024 Public Lighting Solutions Catalogue is now available.

This year we include three novelties in our products:


It guarantees optimal results in tunnels with road traffic.
It is a projector available in 2 sizes. Its flat aluminium structure with adjustable lyre makes it a robust and versatile product, suitable for illuminating large spaces such as industrial areas, car parks, roundabouts or ornamental elements. It offers a wide range of light packages, with a wide range of photometric distributions, operating currents and dimming options. 


It is a solution for sports facilities of the highest level, with televised sports broadcasts. It is a high-power projector, up to 1200 W, with a modular structure between one and three aluminium bodies with independent optical and electrical compartments. Its wide diversity of powers, sizes and configurations makes this projector an extremely versatile resource, offering perfectly optimized solutions for every type of scenario.


With it, we complete the new generation of Vera Series vials.
It can reach 220 W, maintaining an unbeatable quality/price ratio and an ideal design for residential streets and urban roads of low or moderate speed. Its die-cast aluminum structure with flat roof, and the arrangement of independent spaces for the optical block and driver, provide excellent dissipation
of heat, guaranteeing a service life of more than 100,000 hours of operation.


In the catalogue you can consult our range of outdoor lighting products. All of them offer optional RFLight2 point-to-point remote management, based on radio frequency (LoRa), NarrowBand-IoT or PLC, as well as control line regulation based on compatible drivers.   


In addition, high-quality images of some of the most important projects developed during 2022 and 2023 are available, such as those carried out in Gijón, Benidorm or the M-40 in Madrid


Here is the catalog available for download.